How to make your next adventure feel longer.

How to make your next adventure feel longer.

This is it! You finally found the right time and right place to go on your next adventure! Now comes choosing your accommodation, booking the best flights, reading reviews on the best places to eat and what to do, packing your bag. Wait a minute. How much time do you actually spend planning everything for your trip? Probably way too long considering that once you actually get there you spend the first 2 or 3 days trying to stop thinking about issues at work, issues at home, then the next 2 days finally relaxing, but then the last two feeling depressed about having to go home. We’re sure you even start thinking about your to-do list before you even get on the plane! So if you’ve ever had a week-long holiday felt like it only lasted a couple of days, it’s probably because you did a little too much planning and not enough living in the moment. But don’t worry, at Just Boarded, we have a few tricks for you to make sure your break feels longer and more rewarding. Of course, like anything worthwhile, it takes commitment on your part but we know you can do it!

Don’t over-plan

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Holidays are finally coming, you’re excited, you planned everything from the moment you land to the moment you take your taxi back to the airport and you’re very optimistic you will manage to stick to your schedule. Well, guess how much of that will get done? 50% of it if you’re lucky (or if you don’t sleep). Staying in the present moment is key. When you spend time planning every single minute of your trip, you’re not focused on what’s happening in the now because all of your mental energy is focused on what’s next. So leave plans to a minimum and be open to spontaneity. Learn to ride the wave as it changes, not as you planned. Another reason to relax and let us plan everything for you!

Break the routine

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Make your holiday different from your everyday life. Start with simple changes. If you’re the kind of person who usually eats breakfast in bed, get up and go outside. Admire the scenery and share a coffee with your new neighbours. If you usually drive everywhere, ditch your car and jump on public transports. Experience the destination as locals do and enjoy the ride. Instead of going to the same old places, try going to a destination you’ve never been before or even never thought about! If you only have a few days off, you don’t necessarily need to jet off to some far-away country. Start by taking a short weekend away to a nearby country. Unfamiliarity – new experiences, new environments, any kind of newness – slows down our perception of time.

Create memorable events

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This is the biggest time extender of all. Time always flies when you’re having fun, right? The trick here is to experience more memorable events and focus on the quality of the memories you make, not the quantity. Participate in activities, talk to locals or learn something new (and why not challenging?). It will engage and stimulate a part of your brain and act like a shot of adrenalin or endorphins that will help forget about your issues and let you enjoy the moment. So push your boundaries and make a conscious effort to actually attend to your experiences – in other words be aware of your surroundings and the feeling of being where you are – it will also have the effect of making time slow down.

Leave work at work

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Even if you adore your job (just like us), work can still be stressful, exhausting and all-consuming. So taking work with you while you travel is a guaranteed lose-lose proposition. You might think you can take advantage of a long-haul flight to finish your report or take 30 minutes every evening to reply to your emails but the truth is that you won’t do it well. The quality of your work will suffer and you will end up with an unfinished or poorly executed work. Then you start feeling bad about it. Why put so much unnecessary pressure on yourself? Your mind and body need a break. Simply prepare your to-do list before you go, put your out of office on and leave your laptop behind.


You hear this one all the time, and of course it makes sense in theory, but few people can actually do it. We’re talking about disconnecting completely not putting your phone in another room for a few hours. Can you do it or do you have the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)? Don’t worry, the video of that cute little cat will still be all over the internet when you’ll be back. Think about it, one of the reasons you’re travelling is to get away from your daily routine. So why do you spend your time abroad doing exactly what you’ll do back home? Too much tech time can make you feel more anxious and increase levels of depression. Why not practice mindfulness and give all your attention to what’s happening in front of you? Trust us everyone will appreciate the more cheerful you! Unplugging for the holidays gives you an opportunity to create new relationships and reconnect with what really matters in life. Plus, it increases your longevity. Are you convinced now?

Set aside time just for yourself

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Travelling with a group of friends or family members doesn’t mean you can’t take some time for yourself. Giving yourself at least 15 minutes a day helps to focus on the positive and reject the things that stress you out (get rid of that phone!). Leave your worries at home and enjoy the experience. You can either meditate, write down your adventures, remind yourself everything you’ve achieved so far, do whatever makes you happy! Taking some time to relax and to do things you enjoy will have a positive impact on the memories you keep from your trip and also make you appreciate the next day even better.


So here you go, you’ve got our top tips to slow down time. Remember you’re totally in charge of whatever way it goes so make the most of your time away, stay in the moment and open yourself up to spontaneous experiences. And don’t worry, if you find it tough to go back to your everyday life after that amazing adventure you just did, we have helpful tips for that too.

Until next adventure.

Marie x

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