How to be a traveller, not a tourist.

How to be a traveller, not a tourist.

At Just Boarded we think that, as long as we follow a few rules, travel is a life-changing tool that we can use to better the places we visit and to better ourselves as well. We come back home with a better understanding of the world and being a better version of ourselves.

Going on an adventure means that we have the unique opportunity to break down barriers, promote cultural exchange, and have a positive impact on communities around the world. So in order to have a fantastic experience, and get the most out of your adventure, follow our few rules to be the traveller locals love and not the tourist they hate:

  • Don’t demand places to conform to your needs but adapt to the local culture and customs instead. You’re not travelling to experience what you already have back home.
  • Don’t only focus on checking things off of your bucket list. The most memorable experiences usually come from unexpected things that travellers accidentally stumble upon.
  • Avoid big international hotels. Guesthouses and lodges are a great alternative as they are run by local communities or families.
  • Support local shops and restaurants. Fancy a coffee? Why not try the cute little coffee shop around the corner instead of going to Starbucks?
  • Learn the language basics and use them. Our team will send you a few useful phrases in the local language before you set off.
  • Talk to locals as much as possible, they will help you better understand their culture.

Indian women sitting and smiling

  • Don’t haggle over less than a dollar.
  • Ask before taking photos.
  • Remember to get off your emails and social media, and enjoy the moment.
  • Be open minded. Have a learning and humble attitude as you travel.
  • Remember you’re here as a guest, and this is a privilege.
  • This is not a competition but a personal experience so don’t compare yourself and slow down.
  • Be grateful for every silly, amazing, unexpected, breathtaking moment during your adventure and all the wonderful people you will meet.


You need to keep in mind that the country you are visiting is someone’s home so as a generic rule, don’t do things you wouldn’t want travellers to do in your country. Consider your trip as a journey, a beautiful journey where you can learn as much as possible, merge with locals to experience their culture and embrace adventures… and misadventures!

Until next adventure.

Marie x

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