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Welcome to Slovenia, the world’s first country to be declared a green destination. This itinerary is a great alternative to the popular Triglav National Park and takes you away from the crowds, to the mysterious Karst region, home to the famous brown bears. Awaken your spirit of adventure by exploring stunning naturally-preserved underground worlds, climb up to the summit of Snežnik, the highest non-alpine mountain in Slovenia and enjoy some hearty food in a gorgeous eco-tourist farm.


Où se passe votre aventure ?


Que ferez-vous pendant votre aventure ?

Day 1: Arrival in Ljubljana

Welcome to Slovenia! Your adventure begins here in Ljubljana where you will be welcomed by your local guide. You have the afternoon free to explore the green capital before going to your accommodation in the Karst region.

Included : Dinner only, accommodation in double rooms, private airport transfer and English speaking guide.

Day 2: Rakov Škocjan - 4 hours

Your first trekking day will take you to Slovenia’s most spectacular karst-phenomena, partly formed by the collapse of a cave roof and the River Rak. You'll trek through lovely meadows and forests before reaching mysterious caves. It's time to take a break in the shades of century-old oak trees to enjoy your packed lunch! The natural environment is incredible and the highlights of your trek today will be two natural bridges at each end of the valley. On your way back to your accommodation you'll make a short stop at the stunning disappearing lake in Cerknica, home to a wide array of mammal species, butterflies and birds.

Included : Breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation in double rooms, private transfer and English speaking guide.

Day 3: Ajdovščina - 5 hours

Today, you'll drive about an hour to Ajdovščina where you'll start trekking towards Otliško Window, a unique karst phenomenon. It’s a pretty steep climb all the way to the top so take a few breaks to rest and enjoy stunning views of the Vipava Valley and the nearby village of Otlica. You'll have a well-deserved lunch break at the top. If the weather is clear enough you'll be able to see Croatia and Italy from a distance. You'll then make your way back to the farm for a well-deserved dinner.

Included : Breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation in double rooms, private transfer and English speaking guide.

Day 4: Cave visit and the springs of Lake Cerknica - 2 hours

You'll start the day with a visit to one of the richest unknown caves in the world. Time to put your explorer’s gear (and warm clothes!) on and discover what’s happening underground. You'll spend an hour walking along the paths, used by cave bears for thousands of years, and paddling along the lakes in karst underground. It’s an experience you will never forget for sure! In the afternoon, you'll make your way to the main springs of the seasonal Lake Cerknica. This is an outstandingly beautiful place with a fairytale atmosphere. However, only a few people come here. If you are lucky, you may find the footprints of deer, bear, and wolf!

Included : Breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation in double rooms, entrance fee, private transfer and English speaking guide.

Day 5: Mount Snežnik summit (1,796m) - 5 hours

What better way to end your trek than climbing Slovenia’s highest non-alpine mountain? You'll drive for about an hour and a half towards Croatia and cross endless forests. You'll then start hiking on a dirt road through a beautiful dense forest before arriving above the tree line. At that point, you'll already be able to see the mountain lodge just below the summit but you'll need to keep trekking uphills to reach the extremely windy top of Mount Snežnik, also known as « the Snow Peak ». You'll be rewarded with amazing views ranging from Croatia to Italy and all the way to the Alps or Ljubljana basin. Enjoy a packed lunch at the top before making your way down! Tonight, you'll celebrate your achievements over a nice and hearty dinner.

Included : Breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation in double rooms, private transfer and English speaking guide.

Day 6: Return flight back home

After your last breakfast in the gorgeous farmhouse, you'll make your way back to Ljubljana airport to take your return flight back home.

-- Please note there is an option to go bear watching with a hunter for an additional cost, please get in touch if you are interested. --

Included : Breakfast only, private airport transfer and English speaking guide.


Que voulez-vous savoir ?

Is Slovenia the right destination for me?

Slovenia is perfect for adventurers who want to do smaller and easier hikes. There is no altitude involved but training is still necessary. We have built a strong relationship with the owner of a fantastic farmhouse where you can stay during your trip. Expect a warm welcome, amazing local food and a peaceful environment!

How can I get a VISA?

Most nationalities can visit Slovenia without a visa. Your passport should be valid for the proposed duration of your stay; you don’t need any additional period of validity on your passport beyond this.

Do I need to buy travel insurance?

Travel insurance is compulsory for all our trips. You have to be covered for trekking and medical expenses including emergency repatriation. We strongly recommend that the policy also covers personal liability, cancellation, curtailment and loss of luggage and personal effects. A copy will need to be sent to us before departure. If you haven't got a travel insurance, please visit our page "Before you travel" to get a quote and book your travel insurance.

What vaccinations/medications do I need?

It is imperative that you discuss your pre-existing medical condition/s with your doctor. Please make sure you take enough of your personal medications for the entire duration of the trip.

What food will be served?

Breakfast will be served at the accommodation. It is a buffet with coffee, tea, homemade juice, bread, butter, homemade jam, honey, cheese, eggs, fruits and cereals.
Lunch will usually be a packed lunch taken en route (bread, salami, cheese, eggs, fruits, spreads, juice).
Dinner will be at the accommodation (soup, main course, dessert).

What if I have dietary requirements?

We can cater for pretty much all diets (vegetarians, vegans, gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, etc) but it’s a good idea to bring some of your favourite snacks with you. Please let us know your dietary requirements at least 4 months before your trip starts.

What will be the weather like?

The best time to visit Slovenia is from May to September. Temperatures during the day are nice (20°C-25°C) and it gets a bit cooler in the evening and early morning (10°C-15°C). In spring, the meadows are covered with beautiful wildflowers but it's usually a bit more rainy. In summer, it gets a bit more lively with the cattle grazing in the valley and the weather is quite hot and dry. Autumn is the most beautiful season with colourful forests, blue skies and white limestone rocks.

Who will be walking with us?

You will be accompanied by your local guide. Your guide will set the pace and you should never overtake him. This is not a race! Back up support will never be far away and can be called in should there be an emergency.

What is the currency in Slovenia?

The currency is the Euro. Lower denominations are advised. For up to date currency exchange, go to www.xe.com.

Do they accept Credit Cards?

Major credit cards are widely accepted in Ljubljana but will not be accepted in the rural areas. Check with your bank regarding any charges applicable.

Are there any ATMs available during the trek?

ATMs are easily accessible in Ljubljana. Banks and bureaux de change will change main currencies. During the trek you will walk in very remote areas where ATMs are not easily accessible so make sure you have enough cash with you for your trek.

Do I need to bring money?

All nights and most of the meals are included within the price of the trip. You will only need money for tips, hiring specialist equipment, additional food & drink, gifts & souvenirs etc.

What is the recommendation for tipping?

Tipping is not expected in Slovenia but feel free to leave a tip if you were happy with the services you received.

What type of accommodation are you using?

You will stay in an eco-tourist farm in the beautiful countryside of Slovenia, far from the crowd and fast-paced everyday life. You will sleep in a typical Slovenian family house and enjoy fresh and delicious food every day. Most of the rooms are double rooms with en-suite bathroom. You may sometimes have to share the bathroom with another room. The rooms are basic but very comfortable.

Do I need to carry my own bag?

During the day you will only have to carry your day bag with your essentials (extra layers, water, snacks, sun cream, medications, waterproofs etc). Your main bag will stay at your accommodation.

Do I need any specific documents with me?

Please always carry with you your passport (leave a copy in your main bag) and your insurance details.

What should I pack?

Once your trip is booked we will send you a gear list. The essential packing list is:

- Travel documents: passport with visa (if required), travel insurance, flights tickets and photocopies of these documents
- Money: cash/credit card kept in a money belt
- Personal medication
- Daypack (30L to 50L) and duffle bag (80L to 100L)
- Comfortable and sturdy walking shoes (already broken in) with good walking socks
- Electrical adapter plug (for more information please check www.worldstandards.eu/electricity/plugs-and-sockets/)
- Toiletries
- Insect repellent
- Sunscreen, lip balm and sunglasses
- Refillable water bottle (no disposable plastic bottles) and Platypus/camelbak
- Wind and waterproof rain jacket and trousers
- Camera with spare batteries

Can you teach me a few words in the local language?

Good morning – Dober dan (Doh ber dahn)
Good night – Lahko noč (Lah koh nohch)
Goodbye - Nasvidenje (Nahs vee dahn yeh)
Please – Prosim (Proh seem)
Thank you - Hvala (Hvah lah)
How are you? - Kako si? (Kah koh see?)
Good, thank you – Hvala, dobro (Hvah lah, doh broh)

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