Pays de Bitche, France

The small Colorado.



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May - Sept

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A true paradise for outdoor lovers, the Bitcherland is a destination that can be visited all year round. Discover a peaceful place, full of impressive rock formations carved by the wind and the erosion. Grab your walking boots, we’re taking you away for the weekend!


Where will you go?


What will you do?

Day 1: Arrive in Haspelschiedt

Welcome to the Bitcherland! Your adventure starts here in Haspelschiedt, a pretty village close to Germany. After settling in your quirky accommodation, a homemade dinner with delicacies from the region will be served. Do you need to take a short digestive walk? Just opt outside! Your accommodation is surrounded by nature!

Included : Dinner only, accommodation in a comfortable hut.

Day 2: The beautiful rock formations of the Bitcherland - 15km

Following our roadmap, you will start hiking through the village to reach a beautiful and peaceful forest. You quickly find yourself on the border between France and Germany. A nice picnic area allows you to stop for lunch and admire the view of the mountains. You finally arrive at the most spectacular spot of the hike. A succession of caves, labyrinths and natural sandstone sculptures suddenly appear from nowhere. The show is magnificent! The colours range from dark red to bright yellow. Explore all the corners of this rock wall before returning to the village of Haspelschiedt.

Not ready to go home yet? The Bitcherland has many other surprises for you! Contact us to find out about the other activities you can do in the area!

Included : Breakfast and pic nic lunch only, roadmap.


What do you want to know?

Is the Bitcherland the right destination for me?

This destination is perfect if you need a quick escape from your busy life and want to spend the weekend in nature enjoying amazing local food!

What food will be served?

A continental breakfast and a homemade dinner (you can choose from the menu) will be served at your accommodation. Your host will prepare a delicious picnic lunch for your hike with homemade and local products.

What if I have dietary requirements?

We can cater for pretty much all diets (vegetarians, vegans, gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, etc) but it’s a good idea to bring some of your favourite snacks with you. Please let us know your dietary requirements at least 1 week before your weekend starts.

What will be the weather like?

The Bitcherland can be visited all year round. Spring, summer and autumn are the best seasons but you can also visit in winter …and hike under the snow!

Who will be walking with us?

You will be hiking on your own using the roadmap we created for you.

Do I need to bring money?

The accommodation for 1 night and 3 meals are included within the price of the trip. You will only need money for drinks or if you want to extend your stay.

What type of accommodation are you using?

You will stay in a quirky wooden hut big enough for 2 adults and 2 children. There is a lovely terrace outside overlooking the lake. Inside, you will find a small kitchen, a small living room with a sofa bed, a double bed and a small bathroom.

What should I pack?

Once your trip is booked we will send you a gear list. The essential packing list is:

- Travel documents: passport/ID, travel insurance, flights tickets and photocopies of these documents
- Money: cash/credit card
- Personal medication
- Daypack (10L-20L is enough) and duffle bag/suitcase
- Comfortable and sturdy walking boots or trail shoes (already broken in)
- Electrical adapter plug if required (for more information please check www.worldstandards.eu/electricity/plugs-and-sockets/)
- Toiletries/travel wipes
- Refillable water bottle (no disposable plastic bottles)
- Camera

Can you teach me a few words in the local language?

In the Bitcherland, they speak French (but with a strong accent!). Here are the basics :

Good morning – Bonjour
Good night – Bonne nuit
Goodbye - Au revoir
Please – S’il vous plait
Thank you - Merci
How are you? - Comment allez-vous ?
Good, thank you – Bien, merci

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