About us

Why travel with us ?

Pink rucksack lying on a rock in front of Kilimanjaro

What we do

At Just Boarded, we keep testing destinations to pick the best ones for you (tough job, we know). We believe that being different and unique is great, so we encourage you to be bold and challenge yourself by staying away from the popular routes everyone has trekked before. Discover ways of life which are more traditional and authentic and have fun with us! You will come back home with a better understanding of the world and being a better version of yourself. Promised!

How does it work ?

It’s very simple. We personally organise your private escape whether you want to travel with your family, a group of friends, your colleagues or for a charity. Instead of worrying about all the logistics involved when you go abroad, focus all your energy on having a fantastic experience and let us do the rest.

Ready? Let’s do this!

  1. Create a group of adventurers
  2. Pick one of our exciting pre-existing adventures
  3. Contact us for a quote
  4. You're all set for your special departure, pack your bag!

Travelling on your own and want to meet like-minded souls? Send us an email indicating your preferred trip and departure date and we will post a comment on our Facebook page .

What makes us different ?

  • Unique experiences

    We encourage you to push your boundaries by making you discover some unique terrain less trodden.

  • We take care of everything

    We design your trip and take care of the logistics so you can concentrate on getting ready for your adventure and enjoy every single moment of it when you’re there.

  • Small groups

    We set a maximum group size for each destination to make sure your trip stays unique and to avoid overtourism.

  • Sustainable tourism

    We are committed to design adventures that benefit the businesses, the people and the environment of the places we travel to.

  • We support the local economy

    We use homestays or family-run hotels and local staff as much as possible to make sure the money goes straight into the local community.

  • Travelling tips

    We provide you with a huge array of advice and guidance on everything from fitness training to travel insurance and visas.

  • Our network

    We have a strong network of trustworthy and very knowledgeable local suppliers, who will take care of you once in country so you are in safe hands.

  • Transparent pricing

    We provide transparent pricing and clear instructions as to what is and isn't included in our prices.

What we believe

  • Choose local

    We always work with locally-owned businesses to make sure that local communities benefit from our business. As much as possible we use guides, cooks, porters, drivers etc. from the surrounding villages, as well as much of the food and supplies. Using local services means we are contributing directly to the local economy and providing income and employment for local families.

    We also believe that a local guide has insight and knowledge that no UK or foreign leader can ever have. A local guide will help you to feel part of the community and to make real connections with people in beautiful and unique parts of the world.

  • Responsible tourism

    We adopt a responsible attitude to the areas we travel through in order to create better places to visit and better places to live in. We aim to provide more enjoyable experiences for explorers through more meaningful connections with local people, whilst minimising the negative impact on the local culture and environment.

    While price is important to us and you, we do not choose the cheapest suppliers. We choose suppliers for their quality and their values and build close relationships with them, which involves strong mutual trust and respect.

    We are committed to promoting human rights by ensuring that everybody involved in our adventures is treated with fairness and respect. The general welfare of any local personnel employed on our trips, as well as the standard of their equipment and level of pay, is very important to us and to our local team.

  • No to overtourism

    Overtourism is negatively affecting people’s home and it’s not providing enough benefits for them in return. We know that there are economic, social, cultural and ecological consequences caused by a big concentration of visitors so that’s why we set a maximum group size for each destination. Please check each trip’s page for more details.

    We believe local people should benefit from tourism all year round so by sending smaller groups more often we make sure local communities have a regular income and activity. It also means our adventures have a positive impact on locals’ life without changing their daily lifestyle.

    For you, it means a more personal and authentic experience that encourages interactions with the local environment, people and communities. We understand we are guests and believe in a tourism based on respect.

  • No to voluntourism

    At Just Boarded we won’t include a few days of volunteering in your itinerary. Here’s why.

    We believe volunteering is great but only when done well. You need to stay for longer than a few days to make sure it's not just you, but also the community, that is benefiting from the experience.

    Don’t pay money to build useable structures. Instead, try to see how you can help locals use the materials and skills they already have to build them. There are always local people willing and able to undertake these projects. Such approaches promote employment, get things built faster, and support the local economy.

    Be careful which orphanage you are going to. Don’t pay money just for the privilege of spending time with children as it sadly encourages certain communities to create fake orphanages. Instead try to share a knowledge or skill that you have or make a donation (money or equipment) to schools or programs which seek to keep parents and children together.

    If you are interested in doing some good on your next escape abroad, here are a few advice:

    • Practice responsible tourism: look after the environment you are going through, respect locals’ lifestyle and leave animals alone;
    • Raise money for a charity;
    • Make a donation or bring equipment for a local school, organisation or charity: clothes, pens and pencils, notebooks, storybooks, trekking equipment… Please get in touch with us if you are not sure what to bring.

    If you want to know more about the organisations or charities you can help in country please get in touch with us.

You have a question? We have an answer.