10 quick tips to make packing so much easier for your next adventure

10 quick tips to make packing so much easier for your next adventure.

Everyone would like to be more organised right? Travelling sometimes requires more organisation than we possess. From the length of your trip to your daily activities and the weather, there’s a lot to consider when deciding what to bring. So it’s easy to overpack or underpack, especially when it’s done a few days before your departure. Well, no more last minute panic, at Just Boarded, we have gathered a few travel tips for you to be more efficient and cut the stress before your next big adventure. No more excuses!

1. Have a travel space at home

Having a specific place (a drawer, a cupboard, or a closet) where you store the trekking equipment that you will need on almost any trip together (adaptor, medications, shoes, etc) will make packing much more efficient and quick. No more running around like a headless chicken!

2. Make a list before you begin

Creating a packing list ensures that you never, ever forget to bring something important. It doesn’t have to be overly detailed, but a general outline of what you’ll need by categories (toiletries, clothes, equipment, medications, documents…) is very useful. If you travel with us, you will receive a list of what to pack for your adventure.

3. Start packing early!

Don’t wait until the week before your departure to start gathering what you need for your trip. Lay everything you want to take with you out on your bed, pack it, weigh your bag. Too heavy? Then cut it in half. Still too heavy? Then… cut it in half again. Remember you can always wash your clothes in a sink and hang them to dry outside or on your bag while you trek.

4. Roll your clothes.

Frequent travellers all agree that rolling your clothing allows you to fit more into your bag and helps to reduce wrinkles. So don’t fold, roll everything up (and leave that iron at home!).

5. Pack everything in freezer bags

You would be amazed at how handy these clear bags are. You don’t have to buy the expensive Ziplock bags, supermarket freezer bags will do. Believe us, it’s the perfect alternative to just throwing everything loose into your bag. To be efficient, keep similar travel items together (t-shirts, socks, chargers, medications, etc.) it will save you time getting ready every morning. It’s also a great way to keep your items dry if the weather is bad. Don’t forget to bring a few spare ones for leaky shampoo bottles, wet clothes, laundry, etc.

Luggage tags of different colours on a white table

6. Place your shoes at the bottom of your bag

Shoes are usually the heaviest item and will provide some structure, so when packing your bag, place them at the bottom of your bag. Regarding trekking boots, the best place to put them is in your hand luggage, in case your bag goes astray.

7. Wear your bulkiest items on the plane

Keep aside your bulkiest clothing items and wear them on the plane (jacket, trekking boots, fleece, etc). This will save you a massive amount of room in your bag and also save you in case your bag gets lost (taking spare clothes and a toothbrush in your hand luggage is a great idea too 😉 yes it happened to many of us!).

8. Check expiration dates

Always review the items in your first aid kit two weeks before a trip. Check the end dates to make sure that nothing has expired. You don’t want something to expire while you’re travelling.

9. Use a money belt

Keep your foreign money and passport together in a money belt that you can store in your travel space at home. Take it with you on every trip but carry it under your clothes otherwise it becomes a thief magnet! It’s also a good idea to take an old purse where you will leave only a few notes inside and use it when you go shopping in big cities.

10. Have an admin folder

Have all your important documents in one folder (passport with VISA, itinerary, hotel information, flights details, etc). That way, everything you need is together in one place and you don’t start looking for a loose piece of paper when arriving at the airport’s check-in desk. Don’t forget to keep an electronic copy of this folder on your emails and on your phone!


Until next adventure.

Marie x

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