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Welcome to Just Boarded

At Just Boarded, we keep testing different experiences to pick the best ones for you (tough job, we know). Thanks to our little adventures around the world, we've built strong relationships with local suppliers who can't wait to show you their country!
Neither a travel agency nor a blog, we are adventure travel experts here to help you design your next adventure and inspire you to travel in a more responsible way. It's time to discover places you weren't looking for!

Time saving

Planning an adventure can be long and exhausting. Save time by letting us know what you'd like and we will ask our trustworthy local partners to create a bespoke trip for you. Did we mention we don’t charge any fees?

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Alternative Travel

Whether you want to ride a horse through Mongolia, climb mountains in Nepal or dive in the turquoise waters of Brazil, your personalised and authentic adventure will get you immersed into fascinating cultures.

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Advice and Support

We know exploring new places can be a bit daunting. Just Boarded provides you with all the necessary information from insurance to equipment to make sure your journey goes super smoothly!

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